Basketball injuries are more common than you’d think. Although basketball isn’t as close of a contact sport as football or hockey, it is still possible to injure yourself while playing. Basketball is still an intense and engaging sport. Anytime that you’re involved in a sport, it’s possible to face a sports injury. Here are the most common basketball injuries to keep an eye out for.


A sprain happens when ligaments are overstretched or torn. In basketball, players often experience sprains in their ankles and wrists, especially if they fall or another player shoves them during the game. While it is important to get sprains evaluated by a healthcare professional, sprains do not typically require medical intervention to heal. Treatment includes resting, compression through a special bandage, elevation, and ice.

common basketball injuries

Eye Injuries

Unfortunately, some basketball players injure their eyes when they get hit by a basketball or an elbow. Often, this manifests in a “black eye” or swelling in the area. If you have blurry vision, loss of vision, or spots, it is important that you see a doctor about the eye injury to rule out more serious damage. Most eye injuries go away on their own.

Foot and Ankle Injuries

Foot and ankle injuries are common with any sport that requires running and jumping. The types of injuries vary, from rolled ankles to broken legs. However, strains and sprains are much more common than broken legs. If you are diagnosed with a foot or ankle injury, it is important to do what you can to promote a healthy healing process to avoid dealing with chronic pain or long term issues related to the injury. This can include resting and going to physical therapy.

Knee Pain

All of the jumping, throwing, blocking, and playing involved in basketball makes knee pain a real possibility for players. It is important to try to prevent knee pain by learning how to jump and land in a way that doesn’t put unnecessary pressure on knee joints. If you experience knee pain directly after playing basketball, try taking it easy and resting your knee. However, if the pain is chronic or lasts more than a day, evaluation by a doctor is critical to preserve knee joint health and function.

Hip Strains and Bruises

Just like knees, the hip joint can become strained during a game of basketball. Plus, shoving on the court could lead to bruises on hips and other body parts. Be aware of any pain and seek medical attention for persistent pain.


Basketball injuries can happen, even if you are extremely careful when you play. What matters most is how you handle the injury to prevent permanent issues. Physical therapy can make a big difference in how you heal from a basketball injury.

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