With the competitive environment of youth sports these days, serious injuries, overuse, and over-training injuries are occurring more frequently and at younger ages. This trend is growing and more and more research is being conducted on youth sports injuries.

Raritan Physical Therapy Youth Development Program

Radical Physical Therapy Youth Development Program

Our team has a solid understanding of not only development and growth, but also of the stresses that are placed on the body while participating in sports. Our experience working with athletes and youth sports groups along with our integrative approach to treatment has given our team the depth of knowledge and experience in the area of youth sports to offer the cutting edge of physical therapy, sports rehabilitation and fitness techniques, ensuring the fastest most effective results for your child.

Runners, soccer and football players come to us for pain relief, injury treatment and prevention, as well as performance enhancement. They know that we understand the varying physical demands placed on them by different sports. We have helped hundreds of competitive and recreational athletes of all ages recover from hip, knee, foot, ankle, shoulder, elbow and hand injuries.

We also perform functional movement screenings which allow the therapist to analyze the biomechanics of your body to detect weakness, muscle imbalance, or physical limitations and help us design a training program to help prevent future injury and take you to the top of your sport.

Our Youth Sports Development Program includes:

  • Sports performance training and injury prevention
  • Functional movement screenings
  • Individualized comprehensive injury evaluations and treatment
  • One-on-one sessions tailored around your child’s individual goals
  • Ongoing consultation with referring physicians and providers
  • Communication with parents, athletic trainers and coaches
  • Prescriptive home exercise program
Raritan Physical Therapy Functional Movement Screening

Radical Physical Therapy Functional Movement Screening

Redcord Hip Treatment for Football

Running Drills

Basketball Drills