Why Choose Radical Physical Therapy?

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Our treatment plans go beyond traditional physical therapy clinics that typically place clients on static equipment for improperly supervised exercises. You will be guided through the treatment process by fully licensed physical therapists (not aides or assistants).

Radical Physical Therapy delivers a one-on-one, multi-disciplinary treatment approach to patients. The treatment program is tailored around the patient’s goals from the first session on and continues with frequent updates as you progress.The patient is lead from the initial healing stages through an appropriately aggressive Physical Therapy treatment program. The end result is maximized functional capability.

We also perform functional movement screenings which allow the therapist to analyze the biomechanics of your body to detect weaknesses, muscle imbalances,and physical limitations which help us design optimize your training plan for faster, more effective results and to help with preventing future injuries.

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation and Healing

Raritan Physical Therapy Functional Movement Screening

After surgery, it is important that therapy is guided by the appropriate post-surgical protocol. As experienced physical therapists, we can tailor our efforts to improve your well-being and help you to achieve your individual goals.

What slows the rehabilitation process?

  • Severe, prolonged inflammation results in less-effective repair of damaged tissues
  • Increased scar tissue (compacted collagen) results in weaker and less flexible tissue
  • Infection leads to increased swelling, slowed healing and degeneration of tissue
  • Reduced circulation, oxygen supply and tissue drainage results in poor wound healing
  • Existing conditions that already impact healing such as diabetes, hypothyroidism and Cushing’s syndrome

What speeds the healing process?

  • Rest or immobilization of the affected area is helpful for recovery.  A splint or a removable brace may also assist stabilization during the recovery period.
  • Consuming enough fluids to avoid dehydration (Water is preferable)
  • Adequate nutrient intake
  • The wise use of antibiotics in the case of infection

Healing Muscle Imbalance With Physical Therapy

Raritan Physical Therapy Youth Development Program

A muscle imbalance occurs when a person’s musculoskeletal system is not in proper balance causing restriction to healthy joint and musculoskeletal movement. For many reasons some of our muscles can become what is known as “HypERtonic”, which means they are shortened and tight, and when this occurs corresponding muscles will become “HypOtonic”, or overstretched and unable to contract.

Muscle imbalances make you highly prone to easy injuries because it impairs correct movement of the joint causing it to move in an altered way, leading to joint breakdown.This is especially true if those imbalances occur in the back or neck, which is unfortunately where they most-often occur.

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Generally, hypertonic muscle occurs in the large paraspinal muscles, which hold the spine “up” against gravity – They allow us to bend forward (flex) backwards (extend) sideways and to rotate. When any of these muscles become hypertonic there are a number of other muscles that become Hypotonic – extend and weaken. The usual ones are abdominal, hip, and thigh muscles.

Once things progress just this far it takes very little to set off an acute back pain episode. Reaching for something when your body is slightly turned, bending over to pick up something small, a little weekend gardening or game of golf. That’s all it may take. Suddenly, semi-contracted muscles now go into full contraction – that’s muscle spasm and the cause of the excruciating pain that “lays you out” – also referred to as an “Acute Pain Episode.”

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