As we get older, it gets harder for us to get around as easily as we once did. Many seniors may get depressed if they feel that they have to constantly rely on help from others. Physical therapy can help seniors get back their independence and their piece of mind. The goal of physical therapy is to improve and restore your function, increase your mobility and relieve your pain.physical-therapy-for-seniors

Falls are the number one reason why seniors require physical therapy but some simply want to improve their general health and mobility.

Benefits of Physical Therapy:

–    Improve mobility
–    Relieve pain
–    Restore balance
–    Increase strength
–    Increase flexibility
–    Improve overall fitness
–    Recover faster from injuries
–    Lower the chance of repeat injuries

As people age, they tend to lose flexibility as well as balance so making sure they get some form of daily exercise in is extremely important. Strength training during physical therapy can help relieve pain associated with arthritis. Physical therapists know what exercises are best to preserve the use of aging joints and increase strength.

Physical therapy is often prescribed to seniors after a stay in the hospital as it makes many seniors weak and much more prone to falling. Physical therapy will help seniors learn how to properly complete daily activities to reduce the risk of repeat injuries.

Physical therapy for seniors has many benefits and should not be ignored if prescribed by your doctor. Physical therapy will make daily tasks easier and give back their sense of confidence. When you work with a licensed physical therapist, not only will your pain be reduced but your overall quality of life will be improved as well. When you are searching for a physical therapist, ask your doctor for recommendations. Make sure you choose someone who is familiar with working with seniors and more importantly working with someone with the same symptoms that you have.