For those who suffer from balance issues, it makes day to day activities hard and unpleasant. When you have problems maintaining balance, it can be difficult to walk, stand and even sit in an upright position. Physical therapists are skilled when it comes to creating individualized physical therapy plans to help improve stability, strength and mobility for those who suffer from balance issues.

If you are experiencing balance issues, you should schedule an appointment with your primary care physician as soon as possible. It is likely that they will refer you to a physical therapist as many individuals benefit from physical therapy to treat balance problems.

Your physical therapist will do a thorough evaluation as well as ask you a series of questions relating to your particular symptoms.

Some of those questions may include:

What activities are you doing when you experience your balance issues?

What types of injuries have you experienced in the past?

How often do you have problems with your balance?

Do you have any other medical conditions and what medications are you currently taking?

Is there a certain time of day when your balance issues are worse?

Your physical therapist will work with your current physician to rule out any medical conditions that may be contributing to your balance issues as well. Physical therapists can help with balance problems by identifying what is causing you to be unbalanced and create a personalized plan of treatment that may include both exercises during physical therapy as well as at home.

Physical therapy for balance issues will reduce your risk of falling as well as improve your mobility, posture, strength and more. If you suffer from balance issues and you are under the care of a physical therapist, it is crucial that you follow all directions given to you by your physical therapist. It is also important that you have your hearing and vision tested yearly as issues with both hearing and vision can make your balance issues worse. For more information about how physical therapy can help you with balance issues, contact the Raritan Physical Therapy today.