Patients are sometimes hesitant when it comes to physical therapy. Not knowing what to expect or feeling nervous raritan-physical-therapy-11about being pushed too far can be intimidating. It is important to know that you are in control. Your physical therapist is there to evaluate your symptoms and perform appropriate treatment techniques.

At the beginning of your first appointment, your physical therapist will ask you a number of questions. They will then do a detailed examination and evaluate your strength, balance, posture, heart rate and anything else that may be needed. The physical therapist will help you set goals for your physical therapy and come up with the best treatment plan for you. It is important that you wear comfortable clothing and no jewelry. You need to be able to move freely and easily during physical therapy.

Some things you can do to make your first visit go smoothly:

– Make a list of any questions you may have for your physical therapist.

– Keep a list of any symptoms you may be experiencing. This will help the physical therapist determine which areas you need the most help in.

– Write down important information about your medical history. Make sure you include medical conditions of your parents and siblings.

– It is important to tell your physical therapist about all medications you are taking.

Physical therapy is designed to educate you to better understand and manage your symptoms. You may be given special exercises to do at home that will help you to further gain strength in areas needed to improve your mobility and overall daily function. Be sure to communicate with your physical therapist and let them know if the treatment is causing you any pain or discomfort.

During your first visit, usually your physical therapist will be able to tell you about how many visits you will need to get the best results. Your physical therapist will regularly communicate with your doctor or surgeon to make sure they stay updated on your progress. At Raritan Physical Therapy we pride ourselves on being industry leaders, but nothing gives us a stronger sense of pride than providing our clients with the essential tools for long term success in their overall well being.