Volleyball is an excellent sport that can be played by all ages and skill levels. It is great exercise and can be highly social. Like any sport, though, volleyball carries some risk of injury. Youth sports injuries can result from overuse or from acute trauma. Here is a look at the most common volleyball injuries and how to reduce your risk of injury.

Overuse Injuries

As the name implies, overuse injuries occur when the muscles, soft tissues, and joints are not given proper time to rest. An overuse injury typically starts as a mild nagging pain, but it can rapidly escalate to a debilitating level.

Most Common Volleyball Injuries

  •         Tendinitis of the shoulder, elbow, wrist, or Achilles tendon
  •         Bursitis of the shoulder or elbow
  •         Frozen shoulder
  •         Tennis elbow
  •         Osteoarthritis of the knee
  •         Muscle strains in the back
  •         Lower back pain

Acute Injuries

Acute injuries happen rapidly due to a sudden force or impact, and they can range from mild to severe.

  •         Torn rotator cuff
  •         Shoulder dislocation or separation
  •         Wrist or ankle sprain
  •         Finger fracture
  •         Achilles tendon rupture
  •         Hamstrings pull or tear
  •         Herniated disc

Common Causes of Volleyball Injuries

There are many causes for volleyball injuries. Some of the most common include:

  •         Imbalances in strength or flexibility
  •         Inadequate warmups
  •         Overtraining
  •         Poor conditioning
  •         Repetitive motion

Preventing Volleyball Injuries

It is impossible to prevent all volleyball injuries, but proper training and conditioning can help reduce the risks. Be sure to cross-train and take regular rest periods to avoid overworking specific parts of your body. Other preventive measures include:

  •         Warm up completely before playing
  •         Wear skid-resistant shoes
  •         Play by the rules
  •         Check the court before each game for slippery spots or obstructions
  •         Keep a first aid kit nearby
  •         Stay hydrated

Physical Therapy for Volleyball Players

Physical therapy is an extremely useful tool for volleyball players. A comprehensive examination can help to identify and correct muscle imbalances, lack of flexibility, or other underlying issues before an injury happens.

After an injury, it is natural to want to return to the court as quickly as possible. However, the body has been traumatized, and proper healing is vital to avoiding reinjury. After medical treatment is complete, physical therapy provides volleyball players with an aggressive yet safe path back onto the court, building strength and flexibility while reducing the risk for reinjury.

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