Electrotherapy is more common than people may think, and the use of electricity in healing has its place. The most common form of electrotherapy is Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS). TENS is most commonly used for back pain. Small electrodes carry current into the skin and bring relief to those with back pain. Of all the back pain most people have, sciatica is most common.

The sciatic nerve runs down from the lower back into the leg. It has various symptoms from a burn to a sting. It can cripple many because it makes everything – movement, sitting, lying and even sitting – painful.

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Other symptoms include:

– Pain in one side of the leg or buttock
– Worse when sitting
– Tingling to burning pain
– Weak leg
– Difficult walking

TENS may help with Sciatica pain.

The machines are designed for long term and have very few side effects. Using is equally simple. Put on clean skin and adjust the remote. There will be tingling and possible contractions. Be sure to keep the unit away from water. Most TENS units can be worn around with daily activities. Just be sure to turn it off when not wearing it. Taking out the batteries is also a good idea.

TENS units may not bring relief immediately. Most patients find it takes several times over to experience any relief. The TENS unit is designed to get you to function through the day and rest at night. Patience is key since this is not a therapy that will take time to work and bring relief.

We at Raritan PT may use TENS units as a part of your overall therapy. We have several different techniques and options available for you and your back pain. TENS units are a supplement and should not be used independently of professional, physical therapy care.

If you are a candidate for physical therapy, contact us at Raritan Physical Therapy. We will work with your physician to get you back to your regular life as quickly as possible.

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