Physical Therapy for Volleyball Players

Physical therapy can be an effective tool for volleyball players at all levels. Whether you’re looking for the best exercises for volleyball or general ways to prevent volleyball injuries, a physical therapist can help. Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to physical therapy for volleyball players. Knee Injuries Knee injuries are fairly common among volleyball players. This includes patellar tendinitis and ACL sprains. Jumping, falling on your knees, and accidentally running into other players can make knee injuries prevalent amongst volleyball [...]

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How Physical Therapy Can Help Heal The Most Common Soccer Injuries

Soccer is one of the most popular sports around the world. It is also one of the sports most prone to causing lower body injuries. Recovering from these injuries takes time and can affect the rest of your life. So, you want to include physical therapy into your recovery plan for healing soccer injuries. Here is a look at how physical therapy can help heal the most common soccer injuries.   Ankle Sprain The key to healing common soccer injuries, like ankle sprains, is an effective [...]

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5 Common Football Injuries

Sports injuries are a regular occurrence. American football is known to be one of the most dangerous sports in existence. Players regularly develop concussions, torn muscles, and broken bones. All are injuries that take time to heal, but with the help of skilled professionals such as those at Raritan Physical Therapy, you can be ready to return to the game in no time, especially if you’re suffering from 1 of the 5 most common injuries in football.  The Top 5 Most Common Football Injuries Muscle sprains [...]

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Physical Therapy for Tennis Elbow Injuries

Tennis elbow is a common term people use for a lateral epicondylitis injury. With all sports injuries, early intervention and physical therapy can be extremely important in your recovery. There are many physical therapy exercises for tennis elbow that you can do on your own or with the help of a trained physical therapist to reduce the pain associated with tennis elbow and to recover faster. What is Tennis Elbow? Tennis elbow happens when the muscles from your forearm to the elbow become inflamed. It is [...]

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Physical Therapy for Football Injuries

Everyone loves the thrill that comes with football; the touchdowns, the field goals, the brutal tackles. Whether you’re a professional athlete, college competitor, high school champion, or just someone who loves to get together with their buddies for a pick-up game on the weekend, the allure of this national hobby is too exciting to resist. However, this popular pastime often comes with a painful price. Luckily, Raritan PT is here to offer physical therapy for football injuries to help get you back on the field.  Physical [...]

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How Physical Therapy for High School Athletes Can Prevent Injuries and Improve Performance

Sports have a variety of health and social benefits, so it’s no surprise that over half of all boys and girls over the age of six are involved in team athletics. Being a part of a team teaches all sorts of life lessons, including problem solving and communication, as well as boosting self-confidence and improving grades in school. Later in life, becoming a professional athlete might very well be a promising career. However, physical exertion is not without its risk of injury. Here’s how physical therapy [...]

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The Top 10 Most Common Sports Injuries

Whether you are an athlete that works out more days than not, or you just participate in fun exercise on the weekend, there is always a way that you can get hurt. It can be hard, especially while dealing with injury pain, to figure out what you have injured and how best to treat it. Here are the 10 most common sports injuries, along with possible causes, treatment, and recovery ideas.  Hip Flexor Strain Hip flexors are muscles on the upper front side of your [...]

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Most Common Hockey Injuries

Ice hockey is a fast, high-contact sport, so injuries are not unexpected. While many injuries are relatively minor, some can be quite severe. Here is what you should know about the most common hockey injuries, how to prevent them, and how to recover from them. […]

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Physical Therapy for Baseball Elbow Injuries

Pitcher’s elbow, or medial apophysitis, is the most common elbow injury among baseball players. It is an overuse or repetitive strain injury that occurs most often in baseball or softball players who are undergoing a rapid growth spurt (typically between the ages of 11 and 15). Physical therapy is an excellent solution for healing this type of injury. […]

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Most Common Volleyball Injuries

Volleyball is an excellent sport that can be played by all ages and skill levels. It is great exercise and can be highly social. Like any sport, though, volleyball carries some risk of injury. Youth sports injuries can result from overuse or from acute trauma. Here is a look at the most common volleyball injuries and how to reduce your risk of injury. […]

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