Baseball is gearing up and with the Great American Pastime come a series of injuries that are pretty common on the diamond. Here are the top injuries and how sluggers can avoid injury help Edison NJ

Rotator Cuff

The rotator cuff is a series of four muscles in the shoulder. They control several arm motions. Injuries happen when the tendons suffer repetitive stress injuries or a sudden trauma like running into a wall or another player.

Get your shoulder stronger. Work out in ways that don’t involve the same motions as pitching.Pitchers, don’t throw too much. There’s a reason pitchers rarely throw for nine innings. They need to save their shoulder. If you do pitch, learn a proper way to throw.

When your shoulder begins to hurt, stop pitching.

Really, everyone needs to learn how to properly throw the ball because everyone has to hurl it to another player.

UCL Injury

The ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) is on the inside of the elbow and connects your upper and lower arm. It keeps your elbow bending the correct way. The UCL tries to stop the elbow from moving in just the way a lot of pitchers want it to move.

If therapy for a UCL problem fails, Tommy John Surgery may be necessary. Recovery from this surgery takes a while, even lasting an entire season.

A related problem is Little Leaguer’s elbow. It’s also caused by throwing the ball too much. This is even worse than UCL problems. It can lead to broken bones and changes in bone growth.

Preventing both problems means throwing the ball less and getting stronger. When you start having pain, tell your coach. You need to stop before you do serious damage.

Accidents are going to happen. If you get one of these injuries in a baseball game, Raritan Physical Therapy is here to help you get your game on again. Just let us know what kind of injury you have and we’ll consult with your doctor for a therapy plan to fit your needs.