physical-therapy-edison-njPhysical therapy is used for the treatment of muscle, bone and joint disorders among other things. It may include manual therapy, massage, exercise, suspension exercises and more. The goal of physical therapy is to relieve pain and discomfort that may be caused by previous injuries or surgery. Physical therapists are skilled in rehabilitation exercises and creating individualized treatment plans that will reduce the risk of further injuries in the future. Below are some things you may not know about physical therapy and its advantages.

1.)    Physical therapists hold advanced degrees. Many people don’t realize that physical therapists have to pass a medical board exam in order to get their license and treat patients. With great advancements in technology in the past few decades, further training is necessary to properly perform treatment on patients seeking physical therapy.

2.)    It is crucial that you perform the exercises your physical therapist gives you to do at home in order to get all you can out of your physical therapy. After all, there is a reason your physical therapist takes the time to carefully design a home exercise program tailored to your specific needs.

3.)    Physical therapists can work in a variety of different settings. Some may include hospitals, private practices, home health agencies, nursing homes, schools and more.

4.)    In almost all states, you can be evaluated by a physical therapist without having to be seen by your primary care physician first.

5.)    When a physical therapist tells you that they are going to massage a muscle, chances are it isn’t going to feel like the relaxing massage you get at a spa.

Physical therapy can be incredibly beneficial to those seeking other options rather than surgery or the use of medication. The knowledge that physical therapists carry is rather large so many physical therapists decide to specialize in a specific clinical area. When you are searching for a physical therapist, make sure you look for one who is experienced in treating your specific needs.