As an athlete, one of your worst fears is probably sustaining a sports related injury that keeps you out of the game. The good news is that with physical therapy and lots of rest, you can recover in no time. There are many benefits to seeking the help of a physical therapist for sports related injuries.

Tailored to You – A sports physical therapy program that is tailored to your specific needs is important to make sure you get the best results. Sports physical therapy will help you rebuild strength and prevent permanent damage.

Training – Physical therapists are trained in helping athletes recover from injuries faster than they would if they did not see a physical therapist. They know what exercises and stretches are best for your particular injury. They also have the necessary equipment to help you achieve optimum results.

Prevention – Your physical therapist will help you take the necessary steps to make sure you do not injure the same area again. It is important that you follow the advice of your physical therapist when it comes to stretches and exercises you need to do before competing in your sport to prevent injuries.

Managing Pain – Sports physical therapy allows you to control and reduce pain without the long term use of medication. Studies have proven that those who use physical therapy experience less pain and greater improvement in function.

Avoid Surgery – Sports Physical therapy can help you avoid surgery that will prolong your recovery time. Utilizing sports physical therapy has been proven to be just as effective as surgery in some cases.

When you have experienced a sports related injury, sports physical therapy can help you tremendously. How quickly you recover from your injury is ultimately up to you. It all depends on how well you follow the direction of your physical therapist. At Raritan Physical Therapy, our goal for the athlete is to return to the sport as quickly as possible, while preventing re- injuries through proper warm up and training procedures.