Sports injuries are a regular occurrence. American football is known to be one of the most dangerous sports in existence. Players regularly develop concussions, torn muscles, and broken bones. All are injuries that take time to heal, but with the help of skilled professionals such as those at Raritan Physical Therapy, you can be ready to return to the game in no time, especially if you’re suffering from 1 of the 5 most common injuries in football. 

Two football players carrying an injured football player while on the field as the sun begins to set.

The Top 5 Most Common Football Injuries

Muscle sprains and strains

These most regularly occur in the knees and ankles. Although they can be debilitating, rest and regular exercises can help to heal the affected area.

Fractured or broken bones

These can take longer to heal often involving casting or surgery. It takes time and hard work for the bones and surrounding muscles to fuse back together, but these forms of injuries can regularly be returned to as good as new.

Torn ligaments

Ligaments connect the bones together. For example, it takes four ligaments to hold the thigh bone to the shinbone. Any form of tear can be detrimental to an athlete’s livelihood, or even day to day life. 

Common ligaments injured during football include: 

ACL (anterior cruciate ligament)

This is located at the center of the knee and controls forward movement and rotation of the shinbone.

PCL (posterior cruciate ligament)

This prevents the shin from sliding and is also located at the center of the knee.

Medial collateral ligament (MCL) 

Gives stability to the inside of the joint in the knee.

Achilles Tendonitis

This happens at the base of the heel where it joins your foot and often comes from too much running and/or walking.

Torn Meniscus (or cartilage of the knee)

The meniscus consists of two circular pieces of cartilage that help to support and cushion the knee. When either is compromised, it can be a struggle to get back to regular strength.


Physical Therapy Can Help Other Common Football Injuries 

Other common situations that can happen during football include turf toe (which feels similar to a stubbed toe X 100), jumper’s knee, and shin splints. All of which can be helped to heal with regular physical therapy.


Let Raritan Physical Therapy Get Back On The Football Field

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