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About Radical Physical Therapy

At Radical Physical Therapy, we are focused on providing the latest in fitness and injury rehab techniques. We take a detailed, committed, multi-disciplinary approach to providing our clients with the tools they need for long term success in improving their overall wellbeing. We will rehab your injury as quickly as possible, and we will teach you the skills you need for a healthier and happier existence.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a broad-based field that incorporates all aspects of anatomy and kinesiology, or the science of movement. Our functional movement screening lets us understand the unique biomechanics of your body, including any weakness and limitations. This allows us to design an individualized treatment plan that focuses on optimizing your results.

Post-Surgical Rehab: Our post-surgical rehabilitation protocols address both the specific part of your body that is healing and the overall factors that can impact your recovery time. We carefully build balanced programs that blend strengthening and functional movement with plenty of rest and recovery.

Muscle Imbalance: Many factors, from stress to poor posture, can cause certain muscles to become hypertonic, or short and constricted. Muscles are designed to work in balance with each other, so the complementary muscles then become hypotonic, or overly stretched and loose. Muscle imbalances can cause pain and weakness, and they put you at a significant risk for injuries. Physical therapy can identify and alleviate these muscle imbalances, dramatically reducing your injury risks and improving your overall fitness.

Sports Therapy

Sports therapy must be carefully matched to your current level of fitness and competition, from weekend warriors to elite competitors. Sports therapy can be used to rehabilitate a sports injury and return you to full competitive form. It is also useful for reducing the risk of sports injuries by identifying and addressing potential problem areas before any damage is done.

Youth Sports Development Program

We provide a Youth Sports Development Program designed to help young athletes develop the fitness and conditioning they need to improve their performance while reducing the risk for injuries. We also work hard to minimize the sometimes-severe impacts that youth sports can have on growing bodies.

Components of our Youth Sports Development Program include:

  • Sports performance training and injury prevention
  • Functional movement screenings
  • Individualized comprehensive injury evaluations and treatment
  • One-on-one sessions tailored around your child’s individual goals
  • Ongoing consultation with referring physicians and providers
  • Communication with parents, athletic trainers and coaches
  • Suspension therapy program

If you are looking for a full-service, highly innovative physical therapist in the state on New Jersey, please give Radical Physical Therapy a call at (732) 662-4400 to learn more and schedule your first appointment.

Meet our staff

Raritan PT Team

Common Conditions

  • ACL Rehab
  • Meniscal Repair
  • Neck & Back Injury
  • Rotator Cuff Repair
  • Ankle Sprains and Fractures
  • Hip Surgeries

We offer One-on-one sessions tailored around your individual goals, ongoing consultations with referring physicians and providers, and prescriptive home exercise programs.

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